Guangzhou Zhuoyuan
Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co.,Ltd (sub-brand FuninVR) designs and manufactures the full set VR Simulator, 5D cinema, 7D Cinema, 9D VR Simulator, Flight Simulator. Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co.,Ltd(sub-brand FuninVR is a pioneer in VR industry) has established in-depth strategic partnerships with many world's renowned companies including Intel and HTC, who are also heavyweight players in VR arena. Through the application of world-class VR & AR technologies, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, together with above-mentioned tech tycoons, has been contributing to the development and manufacture of virtual reality equipment with multiple functions in pan-entertainment, kids education, science popularization and military entertainment.

Being a prestigious company in domestic China, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has been endowed with many honors, including the "National High Tech Enterprise", the " Guangzhou Little Giant Innovative Enterprise". it is titled as the "President Enterprise" of Guangzhou VR/AR Tech Innovation League and the "Chairman Enterprise" of the Guangzhou VR Contents Development Center

With a modernized production base of 20000 sqm and a research & development center of 3000 sqm, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan has rich experience and technological know-how in both research and product manufacturing. It has a professional team with more than 40 veteran research staff, many of whom are from famous Chinese technology-intensive companies like SANY Heavy Industry and China Telecom. Guangzhou Zhuoyuan is certificated by ISO9001 Quality Management System and China Enterprise intellectual property management standard. Besides, it has achieved about one hundred of patents and copyrights.

Having been active in virtual reality industry with 19 years enriched experience and technological accumulation, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan till now has rolled out all series virtual reality equipment with game categories ranging from flight, car racing, experience, competition, sports, parents-child, earthquake simulation, fire protection. Besides, the company has also launched 5/7D cinema equipment and other technology-intensive virtual reality equipment like car racing simulation and flight simulation.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan specializes in providing One-stop VR entertainment & profit solutions for customers all over the world, it, so far, has more than 3500 franchisees distributing across 5 continents and 100 plus countries.